Patent for utility model № 178462 dated 30.03.2017. Patent for industrial prototype № 107645 dated 28.03.2017.

"ИОН"® fresh air valve

is the best solution for home ventilation!

This is ventilation of the future to make residents of megacities enjoy fresh air in their own apartments without letting dust, noise and insects inside.

Fresh air valve means fresh air in your home

Ventilation is an important component of comfortable life of a modern man. Emergence of airtight windows caused many problems due to violation of the natural air exchange indoors. It is hard to breathe in a stuffy room, condensate is constantly forming on the windows, and the stale air is a perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Such microclimate can cause headaches, fatigue, drowsiness. Room airing the room by opening the window sashes brings all of their advantages to nought: noise insulation, energy saving, protection from ultraviolet rays, while preventing a comfortable indoor microclimate. In addition, there are draughts that can adversely affect the health of all family members.

A variety of different devices have been invented to provide good ventilation, but perhaps the most efficient, is the fresh air valve normalizing microclimate in the room. It provides a natural inflow of fresh air with an airtight window. That’s why the fresh air valves are widely used in the design of modern buildings and structures.

Always fresh air

The valve operates independently, it does not depend on electricity and your presence. You can leave for a long time and not be afraid that your apartment "suffocates."

Attractive price

Compared with imported counterparts, the domestic product is quite affordable. At the same time, it has much higher quality characteristics than the same goods from China.

Effective air purification

First, air meets the inlet flange, which traps insects and large debris. Further it passes through the filter, where dust, soot, allergens and other harmful substances are retained.

A closed window means:

High levels of carbon dioxide content and stuffiness

Risk of fungus and mold

Abrupt temperature drop

Condensate on windows

An open window means:

Continuous dust penetration into the apartment

Noise from the street



Design and functions of the fresh air valve

The fresh air valve is a device used to provide fresh air inflow and not intended for installation on a window. This allows it to be mounted on a wall without affecting the window structure and its characteristics. This device can be used at temperatures from –40 to +80 °C in apartments, private houses, offices with airtight windows.

Protective filter


Ergonomic controller


Unique design of the device


The use of noise silencers


Even inflow of fresh air


Optimum size of the valve


"ИОН"® fresh air valve is an innovation in the field of ventilation equipment

A plastic window and "ИОН"® fresh air valve will provide reliable protection against noise and constantly feed fresh air into the room, and prevent condensation and fogging of the multiple-glass pane. The fresh air valve provides the optimal microclimate, preventing draughts and supercooling of the room, and its design is such that the pollen of plants, street dust cannot get to your home.

This device works as follows. The air flow enters the outer flange of the device. Its structure protects against rain, wind and penetration of birds and rodents. Then, through a special pipe the air enters the inner flange, which has a filter that purifies the air. Then the air is directed to the adjustable shutter and enters the room.

The incoming fresh air circulates through the room, replacing stuffiness and pathogenic bacteria through the exhaust ventilation in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The wall-mounted fresh air valve does not require any special maintenance. It must be cleaned from dust 1-2 times a year. Any housewife can cope with the device cleaning. "ИОН"® fresh air device is the best solution for a favorable microclimate in your home.

  "ИОН"® fresh air valve mounting option over the radiator

  "ИОН"® fresh air valve mounting option under the ceiling

Installation video instruction

Great noise insulation

A special pipe design damps street sounds. You will no longer be disturbed by conversations on the street, the buzz of cars and barking of dogs, as in case with open windows.

No draughts

If necessary, the air supply can be reduced or terminated by using a convenient regulator.

Simple installation

There is no need for a global rearrangement to install "ИОН"®. A qualified installer will cope with this work quickly and without destructive consequences.


A fresh air valve is a comfortable indoor microclimate

Building regulations 60.13330.2012 recommends mandatory use of the fresh air valve in any premises. We offer supplies of certified devices only, and as a manufacturer, we guarantee you the highest product quality. The fresh air valve is the optimal solution to the air exchange issue at your home.

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"ИОН"® fresh air valve is a healthy breath of your home!